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Bagel Sunday

Posted on 20th February 2012

Enough of being beaten up the ants.  I took the day off – went for an early morning hike up a thousand vertical to view the Pacific; brunch at Derek’s for homemade bagels, fresh yellow fin tuna and Becca’s incredible Sweet Jesus mango hot sauce; lounged by the pool.  Forget the ants.

Well… later things turned violent.  Charlie and I ran into a Fer de Lance hidden in the leaf litter immediately by the trail we were on.  It was coiled up like a small donut, almost impossible to see, ready to strike.  Hero hubby saved the day.  He saw it.  I didn’t.  It was a juvenile, the worst kind, they deliver the most venom.

After that I stayed up for hours filming an ant war.  What a day.



3 responses to “Bagel Sunday”

  1. bshope says:

    That snake is terrifying! Glad you guys didn’t get chomped.

  2. The D says:

    Stay vigilant! The D is mad jealous, despite being in Rio for Carnival, that he wasn’t there eating bagels with you guys…

  3. kaz says:

    holy shit!! naturally you only walk around in reinforced steel boots, right??

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