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Posted on 23rd February 2012


Last night was a gripping episode in antdom.  The Vampire colony, so named because it comes out only after the sun is fully down, and is by far the largest colony in the area, brutally attacked one of its neighbors.  The Vampires have been picking occasional fights on two fronts, but last night for whatever reason, because the night before they innocently went about their business cutting leaves, they decided to ramp up the war and send out the big girls – the massive, pitbull-jawed soldiers.  These huge ants are nearly three times the size of an average worker and their bodies are impressively buff and statuesque.  Unlike the fast moving workers, soldier ants have a lumbering, languid gait.

The defenders responded to Goliath with many Davids.  A frenzy of medium and small ants latched into whatever body part their disadvantaged jaws could assault.  The apparent strategy is strength through the determination to not let go.  As more ants bit their way into the fight the growing brawl became a heaving ball of carnage.  Eventually loosing most of their appendages the little ants fought on and on.

Attached are a couple video stills.


4 responses to “War”

  1. Just wanted to say how much I admire your work, and I’m stoked that I’ve found this blog – brilliant. Gotta love the techie age eh?

    Anyway, thanks again for putting those wild images out there – take care.

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