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Antworks debut

Posted on 26th October 2013

“Antworks” video had its debut at the NY Media Center in DUMBO this month (  With eight projectors on a 360 surround screen, the ants swarmed the opening party.  What a perfect venue for them.  The Center’s statement includes words like – collaborate, connect, incubate – words that also describe leafcutter ant society.  Ants use the media of pheromones instead of text messages to share content, collaborate and build complexity.  And they do it on the run.  They are nature’s ultimate mobile communication devices.  In “Antworks” the colony stages an art exhibition with the pieces of leaves they cut.  I think this fits perfectly with the Center’s desire to bring together “storytellers from multiple disciplines.”

NY Media Center 1

NY Media Center 2

NY Media Center 3

NY Media Center 4

NY Media Center 5

NY Media Center 6

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  2. Archie says:

    LOVE the pic! Hugs and kisses to you both Richard and I are thnnkiig of you HEAPS and hoping that Tegan can get a little comfortable every once in a while. Glad to hear Tim is finally getting a little bit of sleep ONE parent should be mentally capable of listening to instruction in the first 24 hours of this bub’s life! I guess it doesn’t really help at this stage though . Tim’s probably more worried about Tegan than we are!C’mon baby! We’re impatient to meet you!

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    • Stormy says:

      It’s wouerdfnl to have you on our side, haha!

    • The only reason I posted your comments is so the people can see how unhinged you Obots really are… I usually just delete them but yours take the cake!You'd walk off a cliff if the Usurper asked you…

    • So proud to know you, Richard! What an accomplishment and for such a great cause — both personally and on a macro level — sort of your own Olympics. Look forward to seeing you (and hopefully Carlos) in Quogue and hearing all about the experience. Congratulations and well done.

    • I couldn’t agree more. The definitive difference between developing and developed economies is how they spend on R&D. Basically if someone invents a technology to be able to read minds, which geography would this technology make its first million from? I guess this applies to people as well. But I’m not a champion at that yet.

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