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Antworks debut

Posted on 26th October, by cchalmers in Blog Posts

“Antworks” video had its debut at the NY Media Center in DUMBO this month (  With eight projectors on a 360 surround screen, the ants swarmed the opening party.  What a perfect venue for them.  The Center’s statement includes words like – collaborate, connect, incubate – words that also describe leafcutter ant society.  Ants use the […]


Posted on 15th January, by cchalmers in Blog Posts

“SHOULD YOU EVER HAPPEN TO FIND YOURSELF IN SOLITARY” A Wonder Cabinet organized by Lawrence Weschler for The New York Institute for the Humanities at NYU on November 17, 2012. I. DREAMS OF SOLITAIRE: Tony Kushner, Joshua Foer, Mike Daisey, Catherine Chalmers, Carl Skelton, Alastair Reid, Samantha Holmes, Walter Murch, Stuart Firestein, The Yes Men, Dan Tague II. […]

Artists in Residence

Posted on 26th March, by cchalmers in Blog Posts

  After five trips to Central America—four videos and four photo series later—I’m wrapping up the fieldwork portion of “The Leafcutters” project. Next, it’s back to the studio to produce the accompanying drawings and sculptures. There is the inevitable period of reflection at the end of a significant chapter. I started working with leafcutter ants simply because I found their […]

Weeping over a dead ant colony

Posted on 17th February, by cchalmers in Blog Posts

This is my weeping blog entry.  I knew there would be at least one.  But, just when I thought I had it made, that shooting an ending for my “Antworks” video was easily within reach, the ants have presented an array of seemingly insurmountable obstacles. Yesterday I roamed the area to check on the colonies […]