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leaf cutter ants

Working with what you have

Posted on 15th February, by cchalmers in Blog Posts, Uncategorized

I set up shop with the one local colony that’s large enough to film.  Much farther into the forest are two enormous colonies but they’re beyond reach of my 100 meter extension cord.  Filming at night is hard enough, nevermind without power.  So I’m working with what I have.  This modest, mid-sized colony lives on a hillside and has […]

More monkeys than ants

Posted on 5th February, by cchalmers in Blog Posts

What a mystery.  Where did all my leafcutter ant colonies go?  Of the twelve I’ve been tracking and filming every year since 2009 only one is left.  This magical spot on the Osa Peninsula was a kindgom of ants, an Atta version of the Roman Empire.  The abundance of mature mango trees and a lip-smacking (mandible-munching), luscious clover ground […]