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War is from “The Leafcutters” series – a project that includes video, photography, drawing and sculpture.

For the past four years I have returned to the same location on the Osa Peninsula and have kept detailed notes on the behavior and fates of ten local leafcutter ant colonies. Even though the ants are the same species, the colonies behave surprisingly different from one another. One colony is consistently aggressive. It has wage war with all of its neighbors and has succeeded in dislodging or killing three of them. Two years ago I photographed them as they attacked the colony I used to film “The Chosen.” Last year the stars of that video were gone. This year I filmed the bellicose colony at night as it attacked a new neighbor, a colony which during the day I used to film the “Antworks” video. It’s hard not to take sides. When I left the war had no winner. It will be interesting to return next year and see what happened.
It was filmed on the Osa Peninsula, Costa Rica.
Sound design: Charles Lindsay