Flying to the Osa Peninsula


Somehow all this gear fit into the plane, with a bit of room left for us.

Canon 5D Mark II, Marshall monitor, Sony HD lipstick camera, 2 Zylights, 2 Kino Divas, 2 Canon 580 flashes, macro twin lights, batteries, chargers, enough cables to circle the globe, 8 tripods, 5 hard drives, sound recording equipment, reflectors, set building materials, laptops, second monitors…  On and on.  300 lbs.  And the videos are only 6 minutes.  Hum…  I did have room to bring a bathing suit.  Maybe I’ll even have time to use it.

Day 1 – preliminary assessment: the colony I filmed last year, which was under siege from its nearest neighbor, has been wiped out.  So, so sad.  I’ll have to finish the Antworks video using another colony.  And now that the war is over I wonder if I’ll be able to find another one for my War video.  I'm just about to head out to take a closer look at the five mature colonies I've been keeping track of for the past four years.